Training is the fundamental building blocks to language success.

One of the fundamental goals of the FWLC is to provide language, teaching and learning training to the community it serves.

Receiving training

Training for community members is aimed at facilitating access, engagement and completion of a whole range of different training courses and certifications for the people of the Far West Coast community that can help with language revitalisation activities.

This training focuses on teaching languages, documentation of languages and general upskilling in and around training programs that provide the FWLC and its community members the ability to be self sufficient in the language and community activities they undertake.

Facilitating training

As a further extension of FWLC's work, and it's commitment to language awareness and revitalisation in the region, the FWLC facilitates a range of different training programs and sessions that aim to pass on the skills, methods and awareness of working with and endangered languages.

These programs and sessions vary widely based upon the needs of the trainees and can be tailored to suit different organisations and individuals needs. They include education in Master Apprentice Language Learning Program, awareness of community languages of the Far West Coast region and can also include training in a whole host of language documentation technology and techniques for working with endangered languages.

To find out more about the training courses, sessions and programs that are being undertaken and facilitated by the FWLC community, get in contact with us on (08) 8625 3785 or email us.