Far West Languages Centre team is managed & operated by an all local Aboriginal team who have a range of expertise and passion to assist in the revival and restoration of the local languages. Expertise range from Community Engagement, Cultural knowledge, Protocols & Procedures, Languages, Research, Business Management, Project Management, Multi Media skills and much more.

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Co-ordinator - Lynette Ackland

Lynette is a proud Gugada/Mirning woman who is passionate about her Culture and commenced working in the Far West Languages Centre in April 2014. Lynette wants to share her skills & knowledge to help build the confidence of the local Aboriginal people to be empowered them to work on maintaining, reviving and restoring their own Cultural Heritage and to be proud to stand strong for their people and the future generations. Lynette would like to see all the local languages being spoken fluently and they are continued into the future as Language gives us our Identity and Connection to country.

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Project Officer - Estelle Miller

A Wirangu/Mirning & Gugada woman who has a great passion for her Culture and reviving the languages. Estelle was the previous Coordinator who has come back to assist with reviving and working with the languages of the Far West region and has many skills and abilities she brings to the Language Centre.

Media Officer - Lyall Ware-Campbell

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A Gugada, Wirangu & Narungga person who is passionate about capturing his Culture through Filmmaking and Photography. Completing his SACE Certificate in 2017 and being involved in the Multi Media Program, Lyall was then engaged to come and join the Far West Language Team as the Media Officer in March 2018.

Lyall has many talents around Multi Media and will bring alot to the Far West Languages Centre and the local community with his skills.

Research Officer - Graham Bilney

Graham aka GrayGray is a Wirangu, Gugada & Barngarla person who is passionate about his Cultural Heritage and was recently appointed to the position as Research Officer in November 2018. Graham is loving & enjoying learning the local languages and the differences between them but also loves working with great people. Graham brings with him many skills, knowledge, and other talents to the Language Centre which will be a great asset for the FWLC and his local Community.