The Far West Languages Centre projects are all community driven. Community sit at the centre of all we do, whether its projects on-country, around town or around Australia, we aim to engage, consult and complete all our projects with, through and on behalf of our community.

On Country Camps

Aboriginal Languages were never learnt in the classroom but out on Country through Cultural Activities, so the FWLC are looking to hold camps & day trips throughout the year to encourage Language learning & teaching.

Firstly, a week in the bush during the July school holidays at Scotdesco Aboriginal Community allowed a small group of children with their parents and/or grandparents to be involved in the language sharing and learning which enabled them to be immersed in language. The small group was able to do some language around Cultural activities such as making damper, cooking bush tucker & just the simple task of making a fire.

In September school holidays another camp with some of the same children and others with their parents or grandparents allowing them to have a week by the sea to be immersed in language at Sceale Bay. FWLC found when including other activities such as Surfing, which is not Cultural activities still allowed the children to build confidence, which assisted them with the learning and speaking of the languages.

Any activities need language to accompany them, so FWLC are working towards holding more camps and/or day trips in the future, so that those participating can be immersed in language whilst conducting the activities. However, due to some of the languages only having partial speakers it makes it very difficult to try and immerse in continual language so alot of preparation is needing to be done in the FWLC prior to going out on Country.

FWLC encourage any Far West Coast Aboriginal Community members who have knowledge of the languages & can speak them to come and join them to assist with the Language revival and restoration.