Our Partners

The Far West Languages Centre partners with a whole range of local and national organisations. These partnerships ensure vital funding, services and projects can take place in and around the Ceduna area.


Department of Communications and the Arts

The Indigenous Languages and Arts program supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to revive and maintain languages, and to develop and present art.


MOBILE LAnguage TEam

FWLC has worked with the Adelaide University - Mobile Language Team since 2005. Working closely with language experts and linguists from the University under direction and consultation from the local community, the FWLC has produced a range of language resources, books and recordings of the local languages in and around Ceduna.


Miromaa aboriginal language & technology centre

The FWLC is partnering with other Language Centre's such as Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre located in Newcastle, NSW which have assisted FWLC with Software & Training that can store our valuable languages, images, audio recordings and more. They are also assisting FWLC with another project which will be announced at a later date.


Natural Resource Management

The FWLC partners with Eyre Peninsula and Alinytjara Wilurrara Natural Resource Management through different projects that are on country and hope to partner into the future.


Far west aboriginal womens council

As a key advocacy group working on the Far West Coast the FWLC has been working with the Far West Aboriginal Women's Council to continue building on the strong relationship of the Women of the Far West Coast and their languages.