International Year of Indigenous Languages

Wirangu word included on new coin - West Coast Sentinel News, May3, 2019

People in the West Coast region may notice a familiar word on a new 50 cent coin recently in circulation.

As part of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, the Royal Australian Mint has created a special 50c coin which incorporates 14 translations for 'coin' - or similar - from Indigenous languages from across the country, including Wirangu.

The Wirangu word 'Barnda' has been included on the coin, which was released last month.

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Tayla Westley and Tamahina Cox of Ceduna, Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula staff weaving with the students.

Photo Credit: Lyall Ware-Campbell FWLC Media Officer

Group photo with the Scotdesco "Wardu"

Photo credit: Lyall Ware-Campbell FWLC Media Officer

‘Wardu of a Day’ at Scotdesco - Natural Resources news, May 2, 2019

'Wardu’ or wombat was celebrated recently in a special day of cultural learning and knowledge sharing, at Scotdesco homelands. The ‘Wardu of a Day’ event saw students and community from the Far West Eyre Peninsula immerse themselves in a day of cultural learning to share knowledge on the wombat.  The Southern hairy-nosed wombat (Lasiorhinus latifrons), named Wardu across the Far West Aboriginal language groups, is an important species in Aboriginal culture, part of the dream time stories and as a valuable food source.

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