National Puliima Language Conference 2019 in Darwin

Every two years we are lucky enough to have the Puliima Indigenous Languages and Technology Conference in different locations of Australia. This year 2019 Puliima was in Darwin on Larrakia country and as always, an inspiring week of workshoping, sharing ideas and skills but also catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

FWLC Staff and a couple community members were very busy attending a 2 days workshop and 2 days Conference full of many presentations. There was opportunities to learn new things or to share and bring along what you have been doing back home. FWLC new staff member has become a Young Champion with the First Languages Australia and presented on her own experiences with language back home as well as where she would like to see our languages in the future. Also a great opportunity for Elder Joylene Haynes to be engaged to provide her “Traditional Bush Rub” for all the ladies during the “Women in Language Day”, some great steps for our local people.

Well done to Yana for showing great leadership and getting involved in the revival & restoration of your local endangered languages, and also Joylene for sharing her cultural Bush Rub with everyone.

Congratulations to the conference organisers, Daryn McKenny & his wonderful team from Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre for an incredible program and impressive attendance numbers. Cant wait to see where the next Conference will be held in 2021.