Multi Media Mentoring Training  

In October 2015 the FWLC initiated filming cultural activities around the West Coast area, which included the local West Coast languages, to create resources and tools for language revitalisation and restorations.

Funding was obtained from Ministry of Arts in 2014-15 to expand on earlier work of an existing educational resource book entitled “Wardu-gu Wirn” (Going for Wombat) Miller, Monaghan et al 2007. The paper based educational language resource has provided an excellent tool in raising awareness and understanding of the Wirangu people of the Far West Coast of Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, and the cultural traditions and practises of hunting and cooking the wombat (Wardu) under customary cooking techniques.

The FWLC felt that it was time to move from hard cover illustrated books into “real life” visual and audio recordings of hunting and gathering, to deliver a more consistent and cultural specific education tool through immersion in language revival and maintenance work.

Resources of this nature would ensure the learning continuity through “real life” visual awareness and education, and encourage cultural grounding within the lives of the children. Based on existing community ideas, FWLC produced 5 visual/audio series being:

  • Hunting for Wombat – Wardu-gu Wirn – Wirangu Language;

  • Making Artefacts – Southern Desert (Yalata/Oak Valley Languages);

  • Gathering Sleepy Lizards – Mirning Language;

  • Seafood Collecting – Mixed Languages; and

  • Bush Supermarket – Gugada Language

Working with FWLC, local Community members and filmmaker Dave Laslett developed and completed 5 short documentary films of  activities practiced in and around the Ceduna region and incorporated local languages within the region into these short films to allow for language learning.

Some of the pictures illustrate the Youth doing some training prior to the filming of the short films as practise.