Lutheran Archive Photographs Returned

 In June 2015 the FWLC, in partnership with the Mobile Language Team at The University of Adelaide, the Lutheran Archives and the Koonibba Aboriginal Community Council, began the repatriation and handing over of all images held in the Lutheran Archives of Koonibba Mission.

The project aims to return images and history of Koonibba Mission to the Ceduna region to help the local Aboriginal community in remembering both the history of the land and the people who lived and worked at Koonibba.

It’s hoped into the future these images, photos and videos will be used to develop and grow community bonds in and around Ceduna & Koonibba as well as facilitate shared memory and language recollection and recording amongst the partners and communities.

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Researching Archival Institutions

The FWLC at times has the opportunity to visit different Archival Institutions to collect a range of audio, written or video content that can be used for Language revival and restoration. Staff and some locals have had the opportunity to visit places such as the Adelaide SA Museum, Adelaide State Records and AIATSIS Archival Collections in Canberra as part of the FWLC research for materials collected over many years.

Research also occurs through having discussions with locals to collect languages and history that assist with the language work eg pastoralists, previous teachers, past residents and more. The FWLC is always looking for more information that could help towards the collection of records held within the FWLC as a central location for locals to access.

If you have any information that you think could help with the revival and restoration of the languages or just history information you wish to share and store for the Aboriginal Community we have scanning abilities in office and would be more than happy to scan your information or have digitisation of materials eg dvd, cd etc.