About Us

The Far West Languages Centre is one of only two Aboriginal language centres in South Australia.

The Centre is based in Ceduna just off the Eyre Highway at the Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Centre, and is set up to provide assistance and resources to the local endangered languages of the region, being Gugada/Kokatha, Mirning and Wirangu.

A program of the Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation the Language Centre concentrates on assisting the Aboriginal community of Ceduna with revitalisation and restoration of the local Aboriginal languages in the area and surrounding communities.

Concentrating on community engagement and developing fluent speaking of the languages the Far West Languages Centre provides training and development, through both formal and informal channels to assist in the continued growth and restoration of its target languages.

A key objective of the Far West Languages Centre is to aid and facilitate on-country cultural activities as a key aspect of language revitalisation and restoration.

Vital to the success of the Far West Languages Centre is the emphasis it places upon community engagement. Through consultation and facilitation the Far West Languages Centre is positioned to provide language resources and training in and around the Ceduna area with a key focus on developing language skills through engaging in cultural practises with the Aboriginal community.

Our History

The Far West Languages Centre was established in 2006 in a purpose built annex to the Ceduna Aboriginal Arts & Culture Centre with funding provided by the Department of Communication, Information Technology and the Arts (DCITA).  The Language Centre has played a key role in community attempts to reverse the decline of fluent speaking of the local languages, and it is recognised across the community and region for this work.

Our Mission

The Far West Languages Centre initiates and supports the people of the Far West Coast to become empowered by knowing, understanding, speaking and celebrating in their languages, and to reconnect to Our Cultural Heritage and Country through our Languages.

At present our focus is on researching, restoring, maintaining, documenting and reviving the endangered languages of the Far West Coast peoples in and around the Ceduna regions, being Gugada/Kokatha, Wirangu and Mirning.